City Council


The City of Cody is governed by a Mayor, elected at-large, and six Councilmembers elected to serve three wards. In 1998, the Governing Body passed a charter ordinance moving day-to-day operation of the City's functions to a professional City Administrator while still allowing the community to continue electing the Mayor and Councilmembers.

The current Mayor of Cody is Matt Hall. There are two Councilmembers elected to represent each ward. Ward 1 is represented Justin Baily and Council President Landon Greer; Ward 2 is represented by Council Vice President Jerry Fritz and Heidi Rasmussen; Ward 3 is represented by Diane Ballard and Glenn Nielson.
Pictured from left to right: Glenn A. Nielson, Heidi Rasmussen, Jerry Fritz, Matt Hall, Diane Ballard, Justin Baily, Landon Greer
Council Meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM and are broadcasted live Facebook. Requests to add an item to a Cody City Council Meeting agenda may be made by completing a Cody City Council Meeting Agenda Request Form two weeks prior to the upcoming meeting date.