Traffic Committee

Traffic Flow in Cody

The City of Cody has created a Traffic Committee to serve as a liaison between the Cody community and the Governing Body. This committee addresses concerns regarding safety and the quality of the experience of the public as they travel by vehicle, bicycle, or foot throughout the Cody community.
The committee has been established to make recommendations regarding speed zones, speed limits, pedestrian crossings, bicycle pathways, intersection control, traffic calming measures, street lighting, and any other issue brought forward by the public regarding traffic. Recommendations will be presented to the City of Cody Governing Body, Planning and Zoning Board, and City staff.

Current Members and Positions

Member Position
Jerry Fritz
Phillip Bowman
Liaison Member and Public Works Director
Sandra Nicola
Cody citizen
John Osgood
Cody citizen
Rob Kramer
City staff member
Greg Mayton
Member at Large
Larry Christy
WYDOT at-large member

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