Veterans Memorial Park Committee


The Veterans Memorial Park Committee is comprised of eleven members.

The Committee consists of veterans, at-large members, Councilmembers, City staff members, and Wyoming State Parks representatives.

Current Members and Terms


Name Term Began Term Ends
Rick Manchester March 2016 December 2018
Karen Ballinger March 2016 December 2018
Buck Wilkerson March 2016
December 2018
Bob Davidson March 2016
December 2018
Bill Sheets January 2017 December 2018
Kelly Hammond March 2016 December 2017
Ted Lee March 2016 December 2017
Warren Cheney January 2017 December 2018
Diane Russell March 2016
December 2018
Sharon Lee March 2016 December 2017


The Committee is responsible for managing the park, setting bylaws in place, and managing funds raised through purchased plaque memorials and scholarships. In addition, they coordinate national and local events, including the Memorial Day Ceremony.