Jury Trials


If you have been called for jury duty, you will be serving as a potential juror in the Municipal Court for one year. Jurors are randomly selected from registered voters within the Cody city limits. Jury service is one of the most important civil obligations a citizen has the opportunity to perform.

Once you have completed the questionnaire and returned it to the Municipal Court Clerk, you will be notified by mail when you are to report for trial. You must inform the Municipal Court Clerk of any address change or if you move out of the city limits of Cody. You must also notify the Municipal Court Clerk in writing of any scheduling conflicts (e.g., vacations, appointments, business trips, etc.) as soon as your plans are made to request exemption of service during that time. Jurors are paid a jury service fee allowed by Wyoming state law of $30 per day after the conclusion of a jury trial.

Jury trials are scheduled on Fridays beginning at 10:00 AM. Municipal Court jury trials typically last one day. A summoned juror should contact City Hall at (307) 527-7511 on the Thursday prior to the scheduled trial date for which they have been summoned to verify if the trial is still proceeding.